Perspective – “the state of one’s ideas, the facts known to one, in having a meaningful interrelationship” (

Perspective Backpack

We all have an invisible backpack. As we walk the journey of life, we take something from every stage and every encounter, whether positive or negative and little by little we fill our backpacks with them. We take this backpack with us day after day, year after year and unknowingly, the contents in the bag ultimately shapes the perceptions of our experiences.

Numerous factors including our cultural affiliation, family distinctives, and religious beliefs possess the ability to shape our view on life, the situations we face, ourselves, and the people we encounter. Standing only on our limited personal ideas and worldviews without making room for new insights may pose relational challenges due to the limited nature of our vantage point. You may agree with me when I say that life is filled with provocations and problems and not all have quick fixes or easy solutions. Some of these unfavorable circumstances may leave remnants of trauma, that if not addressed carefully, could leave our attitudes stale and and our progress stagnant.

One pastor I’ve spent much time listening to, who has produced a plethora of content on right mindset once said, “right thinking can enable you, and wrong thinking can disable you“. I’ve made quite a few mistakes in most of my adult life on how to positively see worldviews and behavior patterns that were not my own. In retrospect, I now see where much of my narrow ideologies attributed to a great deal of my own negative spiral of events. I’ve made great progress since, but there is still so much more to learn as new and unforeseen events will arise.

Together, with my own personal revelations and that of others, we will explore in detail the things that shape our own unique perspectives and learn the blind spots in the ways we view many things so we can dive into new and exciting ways of perceiving misfortunes and the valuable lessons we can gain by adjusting our focal point. Excited that you are on this journey with me to live elevated and to develop a next level perspective.

For a biblical perspective on this topic, I encourage you to read day 5 of the i-factor devotional in the YouVersion bible app.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

– Romans 12:2a NIV
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Last updated: December 1, 2021

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